Conferencias 2023

Nuevos Avances en Química

Glyconanomaterials and Glycoconjugates for Bacteria Imaging, Detection, and Drug Delivery 

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Antimicrobials, Nanoantibiotics, New conjugation chemistry, Glyconanomaterials, Graphene chemistry

Our research lies at the interface of Organic Chemistry, Nanomaterials and Nanomedicine. We study the reactivities of perfluoroaryl azides as highly reactive singlet nitrene precursors as well as electrophilic azides in reactions with nucleophiles and dipolarophiles. We apply these reactions in the functionalization of nanomaterials and chemical biology. Graphene functionalization is another focus of our research. We developed robust chemistry to functionalize pristine graphene, and to synthesize graphene nanocomposites. Finally, we are developing new strategies, including nanoantibiotics, to combact antimicrobial resistance.